Intelligent House 4.0 - Smart Light Control

Submodule: Installation and configuration of smart light control

This module develops and increases competences of using the technology of smart home systems. In a first step, an overview and an introduction into the topic of smart home will take place. In a second step by using the “smart wall” teachers and trainers are able to use existing and to create new learning situations with smart home systems, beginning with simple tasks up to complex control settings.

Existing learning situation using the “smart wall” are:

  • Light control by installation and configuration of a smart home plug and a two-way 230V circuit with smart home switches.
  • Integration of Phillips Hue Bulbs

In a third step the module can be extended by the following topics or submodules:

  • Security (e.g. intrusion alarm combined with video control)
  • Energy efficiency (e.g. heating control combined with window monitoring)
  • Comfort (shutter control by different scenarios, integration of voice control)