What we want to achieve


The project VET 4.0 aims to identify crucial future competences for teachers, trainers and students in VET which are necessary to face the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution including its impacts on the whole life. It will do so on a broad, Europe-wide level. This can be done only exemplarily, but it will be implemented in close cooperation of practitioners - in-company trainers and VET teachers - thus not only with a scientific perspective but with a practical one and close to the needs. Competences for digitized working world will be added into the THEME database in order to be able to use them in mobility projects. This secures a high degree of quality of internships by using ECVET and innovative EQAVET instruments.

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Training Modules

We will develop innovative modules for teachers, trainers and students, with a focus on the sectors electronics and mechatronics, as a first step towards a curriculum development. The bundle of modules will focus on competences that are based on generic aspects, like technical, interdisciplinary, social and ethical ones. It is intended to develop these modules with the aim to make them transferable into other sectors (e.g. plastics industry) and to prepare settings in which specific technical competences, covering the cross section and the sector specific competences might be replaced by technical competences of other sectors.

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eLearning Tools

Furthermore, it is intended to use innovative OER platforms and to provide learning surroundings and material that enable all interested persons to use the tools and with respect to the topic motivates to concern oneself with the innovative content.
Rising awareness of the current and future changes with regards to working world 4.0 among all persons involved is a specific task. Sensitization of teachers, trainers, students, representatives of companies and all stakeholders involved in the topic of the digital revolution is sometimes even not yet started, but crucial for a successful economy in future.

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