Requirements for VET in Finland

1. VET in Kouvola Region Vocational College

  •  Co-operation with Working World; VET offered according to its needs
  • Large/multivocational study units and competence areas
  • Large selection of Learning Environments: lessons and working in the college, distance learning, e-learning, learning in work places, learning via hobbies and other non-formal environments
  • Possibilities to individual study paths and individually planned Vocational Qualifications

2. Skills and Characteristics for 4.0-students

  • Life Long Learning Skills like learning and problem solving, skills to find information, communication, media and team working skills, innovative attitude, entrepreneurship, ICT and technology skills, knowledge of core subjects like chemistry, natural sciences, languages, knowledge of other cultures and ability to work in a multicultural working environment

3. Themes of contemporary curriculum 4.0 (electrical engineering, metalwork)

  •  ICT knowledge
  • Foreign language skills
  • Automation
  • CNC programming
  • Robot Technology
  • CAD design
  • CAD / CAM manufacturing
  • 3D printing

4. New challenges

  • 3D-glasses and their use
  • simulators
  • gamification in education use
  • the use of new sources of energy
  • co-operation for example via internet by using common platforms
  • meetings by using internet solutions
  • flexibility
  • team-work combined with responsibility of the individual work load and deadlines