International Expertise

All 9 participants have got longstanding experience in the organisation of European projects.





Our Expertise

1 EUGES Cologne : The EU-Agency of the Regional Government of Cologne/Germany (EUGES) belongs to the school supervisory department which is responsible for all 58 vocational colleges in the area of Cologne. For these colleges it provides a general service with respect to all questions of European activities. Furthermore, it is an advisory centre with respect to questions of school improvement and implementation of new concepts into the vocational education with regard to a European perspective. During the last years its focus in its own projects was on the implementation of ECVET, the improvement and increase of mobilities and on quality assurance. The EUGES has good contacts to the chambers and other sector actors. Since 1995 the EUGES as applicant organisation for EU-Projects has gained experience in realisation, coordination and evaluation of numerous EU-projects such as mobility projects (MOVE, MOTION), Comenius projects (EASE), and Leonardo TOI-projects as coordinating institution (TRIFT, IT:BSE, THEME) and as partner (ECMO, Matching Frames, ERMES). Within the TOI projects, the EUGES developped several instruments to implement the ECVET process and to ensure and improve the quality of European mobility in the VET sector.

The EUGES is experienced in the implementation of different EU programs. Together with our team I am in charge of the overall coordination and the cooperation with the partners as well as responsible for the general project management (time frames, reporting, finances, contracts, etc.).

Dr. Folène Nannen-Gethmann Project Coordinator

KSAO has good networks in Finland and all over Europe and will play an important role in the dissemination of projects results.

Auli Haapajärvi Coordinator of international affairs

2 Kouvola Region Vocational College: The Finnish KSAO is a well-known reliable partner from former projects. Their expertise and interest in innovative VET for the future working world is exceptional. KSAO is interested in promoting the results of the VET 4.0 project with special regard to technical developments in the high-tech industry sectors. Furthermore, there is special interest in the guarantee of quality of VET by using ECVET/EQAVET instruments.

3 IFOA Reggio nell'Emilia: IFOA in close cooperation with the regional government of Emilia-Romagna is involved in strengthening work-based learning as well as innovation in VET in general. IFOA is a well-experienced partner with a huge network which can help to disseminate and valorize the project's results, not only all over Italy but also Europe-wide. IFOA will add to the high quality of the whole project and support the lead partner in the monitoring and evaluation process.

The team at IFOA is very experienced in developing educational material including eLearning and will also contribute to the evaluation of projects.

Luca Boetti Head of EU Projects Unit

Our expertise lies especially in teaching industrial automatization and we will apply our experience in this field to our joint project.

Andreas Mårtensson Education Development Officer

4 Kungsbacka: Förvaltningen för Gymnasie & Vuxenutbildning, Kungsbacka kommun is very experienced in European project work and cross-linked in the Gothenburg region. They bring in expertise in teaching industrial automatization and have a profound experience with ECVET.